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Product Modules

Polyhesion.SYNC – Multiuser Synchronization 

The software provides real-time global synchronization of hundreds of 3D avatars and dynamic 3D objects in one world's instance on the server side.

Polyhesion technology allows scaling to the thousands of users working and collaborating within the same planet, city, building, or premise of the virtual world.

Polyhesion.STREAM – World Partitions 3D Streaming

The software includes PC 3D and PC VR modules for sharing world partitions from the server and their rendering on the client side with the highest graphic fidelity and performance.

Polyhesion.PLACE – 3D Objects Positioning and Geolocation

The software ensures the positioning of 3D avatars and dynamic 3D objects in a virtual world, their geolocation, and physics simulation (gravity, collisions, etc.).

Polyhesion.BUILD – 3D/VR Experience Builder

The module enables a GUI for automated generating 3D/VR Experiences (content creation) based on templates and drag-and-drop builder with no-code programming.

Creating a metaverse world requires a combination of creativity, technical skills, and user-centered design principles. It is a complex and iterative process that involves defining the purpose and goals of the world, researching and gathering inspiration, creating a prototype, and testing and iterating on the design.

Polyhesion makes the process much cheaper, easier, and faster.

Are you ready to launch your Metaverse World?

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