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State-of-the-art Metaverse Engine

Build your own massive multiuser, persistent, and programmable virtual world

Building Blocks of
the Metaverse

Polyhesion includes all essential capabilities for achieving exceptional graphics fidelity, rendering performance, and compatibility in your project for Web, PC 3D, and PC VR

The software provides real-time global synchronization of hundreds of 3D avatars and dynamic 3D objects in one world's instance on the server side.

The software ensures the positioning of 3D avatars and dynamic 3D objects in a virtual world, their geolocation, and physics simulation (gravity, collisions, etc.).

The software includes PC 3D and PC VR modules for sharing world partitions from the server and their rendering on the client side for the highest graphic fidelity and performance. 

The module enables a GUI for automated generating 3D/VR Experiences (content creation) based on templates and drag-and-drop builder with no-code programming. 

It’s common knowledge that setting up worlds for Metaverse use cases is an incredibly difficult task. This is why so few of them exist. Many instances that call themselves “Metaverse” are nothing more than very simple multiplayer games often not implementing any of the features typically associated with the technology.

Ingenious is a leading global consulting and engineering company that offers software products that solve core challenges for building truly Metaverse Worlds that are expected by a broad audience.


Thanks to its extensive expertise in VR/AR/MR, existing R&D laboratory, and technology foundation in real-time 3D rendering, Ingenious can effectively deliver the most challenging projects in the Metaverse industry.


with various
3D Engines

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